11 September 2005

hit by car. fine, bruised, a little shocky. bike undamaged, except for a banged up basket.

innocently riding along, saw that I had a walk sign to go through the crosswalk. enter crosswalk. see car moving. realize that she's totally going to hit me and that I can't do a damn thing about it. think, "well, shit."

and then I was on the ground and my groceries were everywhere (I was remarkably focused on the groceries being in the street). all these people want to know if i'm alright, and I (bawling) reassure them.

anyway. enough of all of that. I'm fine. my left leg will turn pretty colors by tomorrow, and my knee is stiff from the swelling. I'm pretty proud that I got back on the bike and rode home though. (and will not mention that I collapsed into a weepy heap as soon as I got there... oops, it's out.)

so that's my grand adventure. my dad's response: "glad to know you'll make it to 23... so long as you don't have another incident before friday."