10 December 2006

sunday night football

I never thought I would enjoy watching football. I had a serious antipathy towards it, on principle. Or, more probably, because I grew up in places where love for football was only rivaled by adherence to evangelical Christianity.

I am, by nature, a rather contrary creature. If everyone is flocking to this one particular wonderful thing, I am likely to reject it. Until proven wrong. Or until wooed.

I barely tolerated football last year, when I first had to face the realities of living with a boy. I made a firm rule: only ONE football game per weekend. And only on mute.

Except then it grew on me. Like a mold.

Let's recap this weekend: Saturday was a bit boring because the regular college season is over. We did find a semi-final 1AA game, so we watched that. Then today we watched two NFL games. A few weekends ago, there were a few days where we watched something like 6 or 7 games in three days.

What on EARTH has happened to me. I mean really. I watch football even when I don't have to, when I'm home alone. I watch football voluntarily.