12 October 2005

cpe dilemmas

I'm applying to CPE programs for next summer and I am much undecided about where I want to be and such.

(1) Cleveland, in a hospital. Benefits: near my parish, so I can connect with people and stay in touch; less expensive. Negatives: away from the Certain Someone.
(2) Near the Seminary, in a hospital. Benefits: continue to live in my space. Negatives: not in Cleveland; most expensive.
(3) New Hampshire, residential elder care facility. Benefits: continuity of relationships and pastoral work; not in a hospital/acute care center; I like the supervisor. Negatives: away from the Certain Someone; not in Cleveland; more expensive.

Guidance anyone?

The real kicker is that all of this is bound up in the wedding plans for next summer, which hinge in part of where I am and when I'm not bound to the CPE program.