30 April 2006


It's funny how our paths cross with people in unexpected ways.

Today at church, I was hunting down my student sacristan just before the service. A woman stopped me to ask if the church was open. I said, Sure, there's an organ recital right now and at 5 there's a Eucharist. She seemed to desperately want to go to the service, but worried about not being dressed up. And so I made sure to reassure her and to do the normal things: being friendly and giving her a service leaflet.

I'm not sure why, but somehow this must have made a difference, because after the service, she thanked me for my kindness. To me, it was common, but by coincidence she needed someone to be welcoming. I wonder if everyone who comes to the church door finds the welcome they desperately need. Unfortunately, the answer is probably no. But I can't think of anything more important for the church to be. We're the representatives of Christ on earth. The very least we can do is greet people with a smile and welcome them into the house of God.