16 April 2006


Ok. I solemnly swear to be far more diligent about posting from this point forwards. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime, I've posted all of the sermons I've given this semester, which are:
  1. Easter Evening (Apr. 16, Chaplaincy Eucharist)
  2. Fourth Sunday in Lent (Mar. 26, 7:45 & 11 am, St. Paul's)
  3. Fourth Sunday in Lent (Mar. 26, 9 am, St. Paul's)
  4. Third Sunday in Lent (Mar. 19, Chaplaincy Eucharist)
  5. Seventh Sunday after Epiphany (Feb. 19, Chaplaincy Eucharist)
I hope you'll read one or two and leave comments, although I know it's quite a bit to read all at once.