17 May 2006

last paper in, one exam to go

My Anglican theologians paper is in (as of yesterday), and all that remains in this cycle is my Greek exam (next week).

I'm getting a jumpstart on my reading for the June term (which is, illogically, May 30 - June 2). I have to write a final paper for that class, and I'm hoping (irrationally) that I can finish it before CPE begins on June 5. It's on how to develop spiritual community within a congregation or other pastoral context. I think the first step is to figure out the context I want to use. I have a couple ideas, but I need to look at the readings before I'll know what would work best.

In other news, Steve and I have been cleaning since I took my scary exam last Friday. We did 18 loads of laundry over the weekend. 18. It was ridiculous, but necessary. We even went all out and washed the tablecloth and kitchen towels.

I have been returning books to the seminary library gradually, since I had 104 out at my peak. I've got it down to 48 now. I have to be careful about library books, since I use several libraries quite liberally. I don't want to accidentally take public library books back to the seminary library or EDS books to Harvard, etc.