01 May 2006


I like to think I'm a fairly nice person. Not perfect, mind, but pretty decent to other people.

So it's always a bit of a surprise when I am delighted at others' troubles.

I was crossing an intersection where no left turns are allowed (and certainly not when the light is red) when a car going about 25mph makes a left turn, going right by me. Now, I was all set to be a little cranky about this, but not too upset, as they didn't hit me.

When from behind me a siren goes full blast and a cop car blazes past to get the guy. (The siren was really loud and started about 10 ft behind me. I literally jumped.)

It's a rare thing when the police are around to see and actually stop and ticket someone for making an illegal turn.

And an evil little part of me piped up and yelled 'Hallelujah! Finally, some SOB is getting what he deserves. The jerk!' What's a little joy in the suffering of others between friends?