06 January 2006

a long awaited update...

What has happened in the last two months:
  • First semester is almost over: I have a few more papers to wrap up, and then I can finally close the books on my first semester. If you're thinking of going to seminary (LeeAnne!), believe them when they tell you to not bite off more than you can chew. There's a lot going on besides just in class time, and I wish I had more time to pay attention to the life outside the classroom. This next semester, though... :)
  • CPE is set for the Cleveland Clinic, which I am super excited about. The program should be fantastic, and I love Cleveland, so I'm thrilled to be there for the summer. The supervisors seem really fantastic, great to work with. It should be wonderful.
  • Our wedding is September 2nd. Amazing. I don't know that it'll hit me, what that really means, for years. I'll be married. I want to be married. But marriage seems like such a complex and wonderful and complicated thing that it's hard to wrap my mind around what that means.
  • I was hired as a fellow with a university chaplaincy, which means I'll be working with the chaplain for the next three semesters on programming, expansion, and weekly Eucharist. I'll be on the preaching rota, and I'll have some responsibilities for pastoral care. It's a fantastic opportunity. Yay!
For my next installment... well, I don't rightly know what it'll be about, but I'll try to make it sooner rather later.