16 April 2006

feeding the five thousand

Ok -- so it wasn't 5,000. It was more like 24. Steve and I made an Easter dinner for the Chaplaincy students. (I admit, mostly Steve. I was preaching.)

We were expecting about 16. 24 people came. The food was just enough -- no one went away hungry.

We served:
  • leg of lamb braised in red wine and stuffed with herbs,
  • leg of lamb (roasted) with a cumin-lemon spice rub,
  • parmesan zucchini,
  • asparagus (blanched and chilled) with a citrus vinagrette dressing,
  • creamed spinach,
  • mashed cauliflower,
  • roasted potatoes with garlic,
  • trifle (orange sponge cake, marscapone whipped cream, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries).
And then there were many dishes to clean. It was super fun, the food was great (thanks Steve!), but dinner parties are hard work.