18 April 2007


Thanks to Mrs. M, you now get to know the six weirdest things about me! I'm sure this was a critical gap in your knowledge base...

1. My joints crack all the time. All of them. Toes, ankle, knee, hip, each vertebra, shoulders, elbows, and each joint of every finger. I enjoy facilitating this. I can crack my big toes about twice each minute during every waking hour. I especially enjoy the sound they make when this is done underwater or against a metal pipe. Husband hates this.

2. I hate to wear socks. I never wear socks if I can help it, but I do wear them with shoes. I don't like other people to wear socks if their feet will come into contact with my feet. Husband isn't allowed to wear socks when he is around me. (I'm not sure he likes this rule either.)

3. I love doing taxes. I get tremendous pleasure out of it. This year, I got up at 7am on February 2nd to do our taxes, and it was terribly exciting because I had to learn how to do joint taxes and how to manage the different circumstances that Husband and I are in now (income as a self-employed person, scholarship and grant monies). I found some errors in Husband's past taxes when I looked through his "file", and I got him 800$ back from the state.

4. I have a hard time getting anywhere quickly. I stop to chat, I stop to look at flowers, I stop to observe the squirrels, my special friends. It might take me 45 minutes to go less than half a mile on campus. I meander, stroll, amble. Call it what you like, but don't expect me to travel quickly from point A to B. [Husband finds this difficult, because he usually ends up losing me because he doesn't notice when I stop moving.]

5. I have very strong food preferences. I do not like raw fruits except for apples, pears and bananas, but fruits that are cooked or fruit flavors are fine. I love vegetables, but not meat. I'll eat bologna, but not steak. (Boloney is not meat.) I hate whole milk and only ever use it in cooking. In fact, I can only have skim milk, and only in cereal or with cookies, because I just hate the taste of milk. (Skim milk is more like water, and that's a good thing.) I either like an ingredient, or I don't. If I don't, I will not eat it. The upside is that I have very few regional preferences, so that food from anywhere (with acceptable ingredients of course) or of various flavor profiles is totally cool with me. I am not a fan of mixing sweet and sour/salty/savory, though. [Husband is frustrated by this, because it limits what he can cook and where we can go on dates.]

6. I do not like chocolate and fruit flavors, i.e. chocolate flavored with raspberry and so on. Husband likes this, because he gets to eat them all!

Bonus: I brush my teeth with hot water.

Let's see.... Weird Bird in Love (with hugs), and.. everyone else I was planning to tag has already been there and done that.. so I'll just reflect on the circularness of the blog-o-sphere.