13 May 2007


The Boss+ is away at Credo effective tomorrow, which means I am in charge for the next week. This is a one-priest show, and I am the very part-time assistant seminarian. And yet, the show must go on, Boss+ or not.

I am so incredibly nervous. I've only been left in charge of Sunday once before, and it was not a raving success, partly because I was trying to keep track of so many things at once. So hopefully this week will go ten times better. Firstly, because I don't want to muck things up, especially as I am coming to the end of my time at the Chaplaincy, and I'd like to end on a good note. And because I just plain don't want to muck things up, for the sake of the Boss+ and his return. Secondly, because I need to learn how to take charge of a situation with many moving parts and keep them working in harmony. My last time out of the gate has left me doubting my own abilities to do this, so I'm hoping to boost my confidence a bit.

So pray for me, friends, that the next week goes well, and that my farewell week does as well -- my last day is Pentecost, and I'll be preaching. Hip hip hooray!

*Oh, and I especially give thanks that this trip did NOT coincide with finals at the Sem. That would have been a bad scene.