11 July 2007

purely for amusement purposes

I promise! I take these things with a grain of salt, but they can be amusing and not entirely inaccurate. 50 points - and the house cup - to anyone who can guess which is most accurate and which is absolutely untrue. (I couldn't quite help the HP reference.. now when oh when will I see the movie? Vital matter.. I'm trying to carefully balance my need to avoid the crowds and craziness with my desire to watch. Harry. Potter. NOW.)

What Your Latte Says About You

You are very decadent in all aspects of your life. You never scale back, and you always live large.

You can be quite silly at times, but you know when to buckle down and be serious.

Intense and energetic, you aren't completely happy unless you are bouncing off the walls.

You're addicted to caffeine. There's no denying it.

You are responsible, mature, and truly an adult. You're occasionally playful, but you find it hard to be carefree.

You are expressive and friendly, but you are never pushy.