13 July 2007

I got the Blues

I have been in a Major Blue Funk.

Now, these come around every now and then, and I've got reason to believe that this one is on it's way, but I really really hate these things. *In case you're worried, I'm not depressed. I know the difference.

You know how it is (or maybe not, lucky ducks): you just don't have any motivation. Sitting on the couch and playing freecell and watching TNT for hours looks like a good day. It's hard to get moving, and even though you're being ultra-lazy, you're also simultaneously tired. You don't like it, but the Major Blue Funk has got you in its hands. (Can a funk have hands? Anyway...)

In the middle of all this, I talked to my mother (dangerous, that). I mentioned that I was in a bit of a funk, and she said: "Well. You know those Dunns (genealogy has a lot to answer for -- they're like five generations back! Where was I?) Those Dunns, they're prone to melancholy." Oh, right. I'm in a funk because of people 100 years ago. I fully agree that depression and its cohorts are in part due to heredity, but really.

I finally got back into the swing of things yesterday (okay, finally = after 6 days). And today, I was downright productive! It is really hard to be productive when you're studying for an exam that you may or may not take in six months, by the way. Best intentions aside, the motivation is very low.

So let's hope that I can build some momentum and keep up the good work! No more of the blues!