04 August 2007


I am back from Cleveland/Gambier. It was a nice trip, very good for me. Well, except for the cold I caught. I thought it was an "extra-strength" cold, since it had made my head and my lungs gunky. Surprise, surprise: when flying back in, my ears wouldn't readjust to the ground level altitude. I couldn't hear, and it was extraordinarily painful. I wouldn't recommend it.

So off I went to the urgent care center, because this just wasn't normal. (It took forever, even though there weren't any other patients.. what is it with those places?) Verdict: ear infection. Or in the words of the NP, "Whoa... I haven't seen ears this red and inflamed on anyone over the age of two.. ever."

So off I go in search of antibiotics on Sunday night. I love adventures. Meanwhile, in other news, it is hot here. And there's no AC at home, which is where I have spent the week since, sounding like a woman with 60 pack-year lungs, wheezing and grumpy. I am not good at being sick. I get whiny and grump a lot. The heat doesn't help, either, because for some reason it made it much more difficult to breathe.

Anyway, I finished my antibiotics, and am hopefully on the way to a full recovery. Last night, we (I) decided that I had had enough of the heat and needed to get out. So we went off to Firehouse Pizza Place in the Square and then saw the Bourne Ultimatum. No spoilers, I promise, but it was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Perhaps in my top ten ever. Strongly recommended. (And far better than HP&OP -- which was fine, but not great.)

Temps to the 90s today -- we think we'll go bask in AC comfort at the b-school where the Fisher has an office.